San Telmo Golden Empanada Winner Best South American in Melbourne

The Golden Empanada at World Malbec Day 2019

On Saturday April 13th The San Telmo Group will be returning to Gaucho Gil’s Golden Empanada competition to finish what we started last year.

San Telmo has taken the Golden Empanada trophy home 4 times over the last 5 years and we return again fired up and ready to serve up the best empanadas in Melbourne! San Telmo’s Head Chef Stephen Clark and our wonderful team of Chefs have comprised an amazing menu of empanadas that will hopefully secure us the Golden Empanada for the 5th time.

We are extra excited for this years competition because we are bringing an extra special addition to the team. Asado To Go! That’s right, in addition to our world famous empanadas, Head Chef Josh Rudd and the team from Asado To Go will be firing up the Parrilla and serving up tasty lomitos and choripan along with some sweet dulce de leche filled alfajores for dessert. All the Argy street food you need for a day of Malbec tasting!


Empanadas by San Telmo

Beef Empanada
Beef, Malbec and raisin

Three Cheese Empanada
Provolone, mozzarella and comte

Cheese and Vegemite Empanada
Straight off the freight train of success from MFWF, you lucky punters will have the chance to taste the almighty cheese and Vegemite empanada! 

Parrilla Grilled Sandwiches by Asado To Go

Pocco Lomito
Beef steak sandwich, tomato, cos lettuce, horseradish mayo

Pocco Choripan
Rodriguez brothers chorizo roll, chimichurri, salsa criolla

Shortbread cookie filled with dulce de leche rolled in coconut

The Golden Empanada

Two Golden Empanada trophies are up for grabs, the Judge’s Choice and the People’s Choice! Winning the Judge’s Choice means that we met the criteria of 5 of Melbourne’s most esteemed editors, critics and writers. Winning the peoples choice mean’s that we appealed to the masses of Malbec fans attending the festival. Both very important titles that San Telmo are very excited to compete for!

Ever wondered how the judges make the tough decision of choosing the best empanada of the day? Each empanada is given a score out of 20. The expert panel will perform a blind tasting of each empanada and judge them on the below criteria.


If you have ever tried our empanadas you will know we always strive to nail these components with every empanada that leaves our kitchen. We are so excited to present our delicious morsels to the festival goers and the Judges!

We will keep you posted with how we do, hopefully we will bring home the Golden Empanada again! Come and spend a day with us sipping Malbec and snacking on Argentinian street food! Celebrate the best of Argentina right here in Melbourne!

See you there, amigos!


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