"Inspired by a love of Argentine food, wine, vivacious lifestyle and rich culture, our menu follows the Argentine tradition of sharing food."

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Parrilla charcoal cooking 

Imported from Argentina, our parrilla is the real deal. Harnessing the power of fire and flame, wood smoke and searing heat, the parrilla is the focal point of the entire venue.

Whilst we’re well known as a steak restaurant, San Telmo’s menu features the very best of Argentine cuisine and some of the best dishes from South America including ceviche and our house favourite dulce de leche creme caramel.


In The Press

But there are more strings to the San Telmo bow than steak and fried broccoli. There’s a vitello tonnato playing tribute to the nation’s significant Italian population; tissue-fragile pieces of eye fillet, dabbed behind the ears with tuna mayo and given a classical kick with capers and parmesan. There’s a born-to-be-mild morcilla, sweetly fragrant rather than grunty. And fat polenta chips with chipotle mayo, of which no good can come except making you very, very happy.
— Time Out
Argentinian tucker is not too familiar in Victoria, but San Telmo could change all that. Few expenses were spared in making this wood-and-leather shrine to charcoal-seared beef as authentic as can be: the parrilla or grill, crafted there and assembled here, is magnificent.
— Good Food
It’s a whole lot of fun eating at San Telmo. The dark-hued hide-strewn room has a real sense of energy, and the meticulous job the owners have done in re-creating a little slice of Buenos Aires has paid off: despite the (double) laneway location, it really feels like a world away from Melbourne. Add the skilfully cooked, well-balanced menu, enthused staff and the gorgeously crafted steak knives and it’s an easy place to like. And, as they (should) say in Argentina, life is always better with chimichurri.
— Gourmet Traveller
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