Lomito Lunch Special – Every Monday at San Telmo

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Book your spot now! All bookings for the Monday Lomito Lunch in October get a free beer!


The lomito sandwich. In Turkey they have a kebab; in the US it’s a burger! In Argentina, we have the lomito. It’s a lunchtime staple and a classic! Every Monday for lunch starting you can grab a tasty lomito and one of our famous empanadas only $25!

When it comes to fast food, a lomito is one of the most classic Argentine sandwiches on offer. A classic lomito generally includes lettuce and tomato; some places get adventurous and add a friend egg on top! Ours features perfectly cooked slices of O’Connors premium beef and our favourite condiment chimmichurri! Steak is our pride and joy here at San Telmo and we are so excited to present another authentic Argentinian dish that features it!

Monday lunches have never been easier with our Lomito Lunch Special! Perfect for a light business lunch or maybe just a quick and easy bite at the bar! With the Lomito Lunch Special, our Sunday Roast Special, and all of our fantastic year round events you always have a good excuse to dine at San Telmo!

(Special runs Mondays from 12 – 4pm, no modifications)

Lomito San Telmo

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Lomito Steak Sandwich San Telmo