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Cafe Con Pedro

San Telmo Cocktail Hour: The Café Con Pedro

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Here’s the perfect cocktail to impress at your next dinner party!
The Café Con Pedro, the Argentine Espresso Martini! Creamy, smoky and sweet. The perfect after dessert treat! A new addition to the San Telmo cocktail list but an instant favourite!

Cafe Con Pedro San Telmo

All you need is…
45ml Stolen Smoked Rum
15ml Pedro Ximénez
15ml Dulce de Leche
1 Espresso shot (30ml)
A brandy balloon or coupette
Chocolate powder and cracked espresso beans to garnish

Cafe Con Pedro at San Telmo

The Stolen Smoked Rum adds a terrific smoky flavour to the cocktail pairing perfectly with the aromatics of the coffee and the sweet vanilla flavour in the dulce de leche.

Cafe Con Pedro at San Telmo

A latin cocktail is not complete without Pedro Ximénez. It is made by drying the grapes under the hot sun, concentrating the sweetness, which are then used to create a thick, black liquid with a strong taste of raisins and molasses that is fortified. This flavour matches with the rich crema of the espresso! 

Cafe Con Pedro

Once the espresso and Dulce de leche have been added, pop a few scoops of ice into the shaker and start shaking! It’s important to shake the cocktail vigorously for about 20 seconds. This will create a delicious foamy top to your cocktail!

Cafe Con Pedro

Strain your mix into a brandy balloon or coupette, then garnish with some chocolate powder and a few cracked expresso beans. 

Cafe Con Pedro at San Telmo
That’s it! You now have a delicious cocktail that is sure to impress! Don’t forget to post your San Telmo Cocktail Hour creations on Instagram and tag @santelmomelbourne!


Express lunch, Lunch near CBD

Lunch Special

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Lomito Lunch Special at San Telmo!

Every Monday for lunch starting you can grab a tasty lomito and one of our famous empanadas only $25!

September Special – All bookings for the Lomito Lunch Special get a free beer! 

The lomito sandwich. In Turkey they have a kebab; in the US it’s a burger! In Argentina, we have the lomito. It’s a lunchtime staple and a classic! Every Monday for lunch starting you can grab a tasty lomito and one of our famous empanadas only $25!


When it comes to fast food, a lomito is one of the most classic Argentine sandwiches on offer. A classic lomito generally includes lettuce and tomato; some places get adventurous and add a friend egg on top! Ours features perfectly cooked slices of O’Connors premium beef and our favourite condiment chimichurri! Steak is our pride and joy here at San Telmo and we are so excited to present another authentic Argentinian dish that features it!

Lomita cheap eats Monday lunch

The lomito is not for the faint hearted. But for a population that were given beef ribs when they were teething and have spent the rest of their lives eating meat (at least once a day), it’s no problem. The Argentine people seem to have a metabolism designed for lomito. Indeed, to them, it’s just a snack. But it’s also a comfort food and, in some cases, a passion – there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to this culinary masterpiece!

The lomito is the king of the fast food snacks. It sits above the choripán (chorizo roll) and morcipán (a black pudding sausage in a bun) both in price and stature.

Monday lunches have never been easier with our Lomito Lunch Special! Perfect for a light business lunch or maybe just a quick and easy bite at the bar! With the Lomito Lunch Special, our Sunday Roast Special, and all of our fantastic year round events you always have a good excuse to dine at San Telmo!


(Lunch special runs Monday’s from 12 – 4pm, no modifications)

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